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Assignments Portal

One key component of our online course is the assignments portal.

New information is not retained unless it is immediately translated into skill and action. Our proprietary assignments portal takes information from the learning portion of the course into graded assignments that require skill development in the areas of image resizing, image sharpness, image color space, basic HTML and CSS, and identifying Javascript page errors.

These assignments will cement the information in the learning portion of the course, completely changing the way we look at the Internet and its components moving forward. We will now be able to communicate much more efficiently based on real experience with these new concepts.

Web Fundamentals 101 assignment portal image resize

Web Fundamentals 101 assignment portal simple css

Web Fundamentals 101 assignment portal page error

Web Fundamentals 101

Certificate Version - $69

Our certificate version is more comprehensive and fully accredited. It includes a dedicated assignments portal that will build your skills with basic image manipulation and HTML / CSS / JS.

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Web Fundamentals 101

Free Version

Our free version is an abbreviated version of the Certificate Version. Our free version does not include assignments or grading, nor does it include a certificate for proof of completion.

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